What does your Hair say about you?

Often, we don’t give very much thought to how we wear our hair; we just focus on whether it looks good, clean, and presentable. However, our ancestors were very intentional about the way they wore their hair. It made a statement about their character. Do you wear a high bun or wear your head wraps in a certain way? You might just be revealing something about yourself and not really know it.

Hair designs use the same symbolism as home arrangements.  Some of the symbolism used include: “V†shapes that welcome good behavior and spirit. Circles of eternity, expanding circles can also indicate and invoke a calm and peaceful spirit. Wearing circular head wraps tied by Trinity knots can be reiterations or recursive. Binary styles such as two strand kinky twist (e.g. One Male/Future and One Female/Past) united are done by an intertwining of 2 strands of hair. Then you can part your hair into squares depicting the platform of Maat etc. This Maat square in which the ruler’s seat was placed, indicates that the ruler used the square (Maat) to judge social matters. He practiced “square businessâ€.

This above excerpt was taken from Dr. Llaila Afrika’s book Pher Ankh.  I employ you to go on your own journey through his work to better understand yourself, your culture, and unlock the messages that were left long ago for us. Now you can be intentional on how you wear your hair and/or headwrap.