Intellect of Your Child Begins Prenatally

We are at a crucial time and place where we must emphasize to our new parents how precious conceiving a child really is. We want to be very intentional with how the pregnancy experience should be as peaceful and harmonious as possible. We can prevent a lot of emotional, bonding, and identity issues merely from making healthy emotional and dietary choices while carrying your precious baby.

During prenatal (fetus) growth and development, the child begins to learn language and thought by what it hears, sees, touches, and tastes in the womb.  The baby feels the pregnant mother’s emotions and spirituality.  The baby reacts physically (has movements) and mentally to each emotion, thought, and spiritual response of the mother.  This is the baby’s first learning process.  The mother’s pregnancy and the birthing process shape the baby’s emotions.

Breastfeeding is a continuation of language and thought development of the baby.  The Prenatal, Fetus, Pregnancy, Birthing and Breastfeeding experiences are a holistic rites of passage for the baby’s emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and spiritual development.

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