Live Nutritional Counseling Course Using the Dr. Llaila Afrika Method with Dr. Stevenson


Welcome to our Live Nutritional Counseling Course Using the Dr. Llaila Afrika Method with Dr. Stevenson! In this course, you will learn how to understand and assess personality types and how they relate to the functioning of the body. You will also learn how to perform chemical testing, including pH testing of urine and saliva, holistic blood pressure analysis, and multistick urine analysis, to gain insight into the functioning of the organs.


You will learn how to assess the body by reading different parts such as the face, tongue, and hands, and how to use this information to determine the appropriate foods and supplements for an individual. We will also delve into the science of food and its role in the body’s functioning, including the characteristics of nourishing foods and non-foods that can harm the body. You will also learn about herbal remedies and their properties, and how they can support various systems in the body.


This course is the only one of its kind that teaches the Dr. Llaila Afrika Method of holistic medicine. It is broken into three 5-hour sessions, held over the course of three consecutive months and conducted live virtually over Zoom. The dates for each session will be provided in your confirmation email and on the class calendar on our website. We can’t wait to share this unique and valuable knowledge with you!



  • Learning how to assess the body holistically using modalities, which includes:
  • Learning the physiological dispositions of the person you’re assessing to help them understand their path of healing.
  • Gaining the knowledge and capabilities to read pH of the urine and saliva blood pressure analysis and analyzing the urine for disease and disorders.
  • Gaining skillset to read various parts of the body to assess disorders that may occur within the person you are assessing.
  • Food science, remedies, and more!
  • These classes are so extensive, they will be broken across 3 parts. Each class generally lasts between 9am – 2pm EST. Times may vary. One class each month. This will take 3 months to complete this course.
  • Class One ($599.00 each)
  • Class Two ($599.00 each)
  • Class Three ($599.00 each)