Advanced Nutritional Counselor Course Using the Dr. Llaila Afrika Method


Welcome to our Advanced Nutritional Counselor Course Using the Dr. Llaila Afrika Method! In this course, you will learn about medical astrology and how the date, time, and location of someone’s birth can reveal their innate weaknesses and areas to work on. You will also learn how to use the positions of the planets in a chart to understand an individual’s traits and tendencies.


You will learn how to read and analyze blood tests, and how to use this information to identify deficiencies and imbalances in the blood and provide natural remedies. You will also learn about spiritual diagnosing and healing, including palpatory skills to detect inconsistencies under the skin and the ability to assess someone’s emotional state.



  • Learning how to assess the body holistically using modalities, which includes:
  • These classes are so extensive, they will be broken across 3 parts. Each class generally lasts between 9am – 2pm EST. Times may vary. One class each month. This will take 3 months to complete this course.
  • Prerequisite: Live Nutritional Counseling Course
  • Class One (Blood Analysis) ($799.00 each)
  • Class Two (Medical Astrology) ($799.00 each)
  • Class Three (Minerals in the Body)($799.00 each)
  • All classes are from 9AM-2PM